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Forensic Accountant

Expert Witness

Al Cella, Enrolled Agent




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I.R.S. Audit or Collection Matters

solved by former I.R.S. Special Enforcement Agent

Received a letter from I.R.S or other govnerment authorities and don't know what to do?

Notice Of Audit

Notice Of Lien

Notice Of Levy

I got that!

Forensic Accounting & Fraud Prevention

by former I.R.S. Criminal Investigator /Special Agent

Need to find where the money and assets have gone in your marriage or business?  

I got that!

Preparing for Litigation and need understandable financial data presentation?

I got that!

Friendly, couteous, boutique level services

An Enrolled Agent is a Licensed Tax specialist extended the same privileges to Represent as an Attorney or C.P.A.

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Homosassa, FL 34446

Serving clients on the Nature Coast, Citrus County to Tampa, The Villages & Ocala areas

A one person operation dedicated to personalized service, in your home, or my home office.

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